Zeta_Angel, Unity-Based Interactive Environment Experience, Made for Hypha Studio’s HARDWIRED Exhibition

'Neo Starcadia', Digital, Creative Computing Institute Grad Show, 2022

'Neo Starcadia', Unity-Based Interactive Illustration Experience,
Digital, Creative Computing Institute Grad Show, 2022

'It Took Three Weeks To Scroll Through The Gasoline Valley',
Virtual Group Show World, Digital, Group Show, 2022

'REMESH', Procedurally Generated Typeface, Blender, 2023

‘The Arcade’, Central Saint Martins Degree Show Curation and Poster, 2023

Dream Eater, Central Saint Martins Degree Show, Digital, 2023

Dream Eater, Unity-Based Interactive Environment Experience, Shortlisted for Global Design Graduate Show, Digital, 2023

'SuperWave', AI-Assisted Web-Based Arcade Game, Javascript, 2023

Plant Growth Visualiser, Arduino x p5.js Product Prototype for Human-Centred Digital Design, 2022

Cubitts Sunglasses Design Commission, 2022

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