Shortlisted for 2023 Global Design Graduate Show

‘Dream Eater’ is an immersive, interactive environment designed to be
a hyper-stimulating playground of digital objects.

Created using Unity Engine, Blender, and salvaged game assets, I’ve explored the outcomes of treating digital interfaces as active collaborators as opposed to passive tools.

This led me to investigate what implications kitbashing could have on regenerative practices in the context of virtual materials. By reassembling digital found-objects,
I examined how assemblage can bring more playfulness into 3D modelling, making it more accessible and engaging for both beginners and experienced users.

The game draws on nostalgic imagery, with my childhood experiences serving as a backdrop for exploring the intersections of Ontology, Semiology, and Pervasive Game Theory.


IG: @gil_a_s / gil.a.sherman@gmail.com